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EvoShield CustomTech EvoAlpha Youth Rib Shirt

The barracks are being fortified. This item and other Evo gear is available for sale at one of our trusted retail partners.


To stay at the top of your game, you've got to stay in the game. The CustomTech EvoAlpha Rib Shirt protects your ribs with a redesigned rib shield shape to maximize mobility while providing our signature custom-molding Gel-To-Shell protection. The fitted performance shirt keeps the shields in place while wicking sweat away from your body. The sleek, yet protective, design is great for any position on the gridiron.


  • Fitted performance shirt with Gel-To-Shell rib shields
  • Custom-molding Gel-To-Shell rib shields
  • Redesigned rib shield shape allows for maximum mobility and targeted protection
  • Sweat-wicking performance fabric to keep you comfortable and cool
  • Includes: (2) Custom-molding protective rib shields, (1) Fitted performance shirt
  • Fabric: Body- 100% Nylon; Side Panels- 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex
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Product Innovations
GEL-TO-Shell Technology

EvoShield Protective Gear designed with signature Gel-to-Shell Technology™ is thinner, lighter, yet stronger gear designed to make athletes faster while protecting them better. Unlike foam and plastic protection that tends to be stiff and bulky, EvoShield is a patented light-weight, ultra-thin composite material that custom forms to the contours of each athlete’s body as it hardens.

Engineered to withstand high impact under the toughest conditions, the easy custom-molding process creates a unique protective layer that disperses impact to protect better than traditional protective gear. Mold your own one-of-a-kind, lightweight battle armor in minutes with our patented Gel-to-Shell Technology™.


Traditional foam and plastic gear absorb. We disperse. With EvoShield’s Dispersion Technology (DSP)™, the impact force is diffused across the ultrathin layers of our patented composite material. And, as the force is dispersed across layers, it is further dispersed across the entire surface area – the entire Shield, minimizing the felt force at the point of impact.

EvoShield's protective Shields are comprised of multiple ultra-thin protective layers that disperse the force of impact rather than absorb it. Dispersion Technology™ allows EvoShield to minimize the bulkiness of traditional padding while providing greater protection. Freedom to be faster. Confidence to be unstoppable.



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