30 Minutes to Custom-Molded Protection

Custom molding protection
proven by top athletes

EvoShield’s patented Gel-To-Shell Technology ensures that every EvoShield product is molded exactly to the specifications of the user’s body, which means increased comfort, mobility, flexibility, and protection. The process is triggered by a chemical reaction with the air, creating lightweight battle armor in 30 short minutes and in 3 simple steps.

Like a pregame ritual
for your gear

A little worried about fitting your EvoShield? You’re in the right place. Here are some simple steps to take prior to fitting your EvoShield protective gear:

1) Try on the non-Shield components of the gear to ensure that they fit.
2) Check out our fitting videos on the product's page
3) Still need a little help? Give us a call at 1-855-Evo-Army
4) Not happy with the way your Shield fits? Don’t worry, just check out our
Perfect Fit Guarantee.

Simple Fitting Process.
Game-Changing Results.

EvoShield’s custom-molding Shields start soft, but transforms to a protective shell in minutes.

RIP IT. Open the foil bag. Expose the Shield to air-activate the custom-molding process.
FIT IT. Position the soft, flexible Shield over the area of desired protection.
WEAR IT. Wear the Shield for 30 minutes. As it hardens, it will take your shape.

Fit your Shield once, and wear it all season long. No added water or heating required.

We know… custom-molding usually means “hit or miss”. But it really is pretty easy to do! Plus, for peace of mind, we offer a “Perfect-Fit Guarantee.” What does that mean? If you have ANY difficulty molding the Shields or they are not comfortable, just contact us and we’ll get you a brand new set of Shields for free to re-mold and try again. We stand behind our product 100% and we only want you to step on the field with gear that fits right and is comfortable.

Everything you need to know
about EvoShield

Why does my Shield come in a bag?
EvoShield is an air activated technology, so the foil bag that surrounds your Shield keeps it from starting to harden – ensuring that the Shield fits perfectly to you when you’re ready to form it.

Any tips on forming my Shield?
Make Sure It’s Smooth- Get all of the wrinkles out of the Shield.
Don’t Pop The Bag Until You’re Ready- When you open that foil bag, the Shield will harden after being in contact with the air for about 30 minutes. Make sure you’re ready!
Know Where It Goes- Some of our products go a specific way into their holders (ex. the curved side of the wrist guard goes closest to your wrist). The instructions should let you know if you need to know anything specific, but if you have any questions, give us a call!

Check out the page of your product for a helpful fitting video, or give us a call at 1-888-Evo-Army for tips from an EvoShield employee.

My Shield doesn’t fit right…Now what?
Not too happy with the way yours feel? Give us a call at 1-855-Evo-Army, and if you fall under the Perfect Fit Guarantee, we’ll send out a brand new Shield to keep you comfortable and protected on the field.

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