The unique quality that all EvoShield Gel-to-Shell™ products have is the ability to disperse impact. This quality sets EvoShield gear apart from traditional foam and plastic protective gear, which primarily absorb or deflect impact. The dispersion of impact leads to two things: less felt impact and less stress on the point of impact. In a test conducted by a biomedical-testing lab at a Tier 1 research university, EvoShield’s Dispersion Technology (DSP™) reduced the total impact felt by over 30% – substantially better than the average competitor. Even more importantly, the EvoShield Chest Guard reduced the force on the heart by 22%. Dispersion Technology works to keep your athlete in the game, worrying less about injury and more about making the next play.


Back Face Deformation (BFD) is the measure of how much a piece of protective gear “gives” upon impact and extends into the athlete’s body. Generally, the less a product deforms, the better it is at doing its job – protecting an athlete. To put EvoShield to the test, an independent testing lab shot a baseball traveling at 98 MPH at our Rib Shield. Based on mathematical estimates, getting hit by this fastball equates to being hit by a linebacker weighing 250 lbs, who’s moving 22 MPH. Ouch. But, as you can see from the graphed testing scenario, EvoShield’s Rib Shield stops BFD substantially better than competitors. In a test performed by an independent ballistics laboratory, EvoShield reduced back face deformation by 69%. The nearest competitor reduced it by 32%. Less BFD means more protection, and more time on the field.


When it comes to heart protection, “some” isn’t good enough. That’s why EvoShield developed chest protection that covers more area just directly over the heart. The EvoShield Chest Guard extends protection to a surface area far beyond that of other products on the market, providing greater coverage against wild pitches, batted balls, or foul tips. When it comes to chest protection, why choose less? More coverage means more peace of mind…for you, and for your athlete.


According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, more than 3.5 million children under the age of 14 experience sports-related or recreation-related injuries each year. In just baseball every year, approximately 20% of the injuries end up with a trip to the hospital. Some of those end in tragedy, as baseball has the highest fatality rate among sports for children ages 5 to 14. The trend remains the same in youth football, as almost 19% of children are injured during their time playing. Countless stories have been told by parents who have experienced pain, worry, or loss as a result of their child being injured during sport. EvoShield was designed to help prevent these tragedies, and replace them with stories telling of success, victory, and achievement.

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