We are athletes

We are professionals. We have reached the ultimate level, but are still not satisfied. We will not be hesitant and we will continue to strive. We have exceeded all expectations, except for our own, and we will not be stopped. We play for fans, for pride and for legacies.

We lead the #EvoArmy.

We are athletic trainers

We are the first line of defense, and the first call at any sign of danger. We are on-field support, comfort and guidance. We are the steady hand that draws the line between brave and careless. We are dependable. We are steady. We protect. We prepare.

We guide the #EvoArmy.

We Are Athletes

We strive for greatness and failure is our motivation. We have goals that are seen as “lofty” to others, but we are achievers. We are confident, but we will never be outworked. We play for our future, for the team on our jersey and for the chance to be remembered.

We are the #EvoArmy.

We are Parents & Coaches

We are the ultimate fans. We prepare our athletes for today’s success, and tomorrow’s failure. We train strategy, mechanics and life lessons every day using a ball and a practice. We celebrate in victory, share disappointment in defeat and will always encourage.

We support the #EvoArmy.


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