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The X List: The 10 People In Your Fantasy Football League

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The X List 2 years ago

Ten Best Alarm Clock Sounds For Waking Up Inspired

Waking up in the morning can be a real drag. You’ve got six different alarms going all at once, your body doesn’t want to leave your bed, and sometimes you’re just really not ready to face the day.   Let’s change that.   Forget that annoying, beeping alarm noise that your iPhone makes. Start the […]

Uncategorized 2 years ago

How The Best Athletes Maximize Their Morning


The best athletes in the world maximize their morning in order to win at all costs. For every second you’re not out there competing, working hard, or pushing yourself to the limit, someone else is getting better.   That’s why it’s important to start the day off right and win at all costs. Here’s how […]

Uncategorized 2 years ago

The 10 People in Your Fantasy Football League


As the NFL season approaches, we focus in on the world of fantasy football. This is perhaps the best example of nerd and jock culture colliding, and the result is four months of lineup tinkering and nail-biting, at the end of which we’re left with only one who can claim bragging rights through the offseason. […]

Next Level 2 years ago

Next Level: Steroids For Fantasy Football


Fantasy football is taking over the world. Wherever we are on Sundays, we expect for there to be WIFI, TVs, and real-time stat updates. Movies on Sunday? No thanks. How about a wedding? We won’t be attending. Grandma’s birthday? The card is in the mail.   We are a fan base that needs instant fantasy […]

The X List 2 years ago

X List: Dream Deadline Deals

Jonny Gomes, Dustin Pedroia, Tom Werner

No one saw it coming, and we loved it.   The Boston Red Sox and Oakland A’s just made a “MLB The Show” type deadline deal that totally changes the makeup of each of their teams.   Yoenis Cespedes is “shipping up to Boston”   and in return Billy Beane grabbed Jon Lester and everyone’s […]

Baseball 2 years ago

The Best Seat in the House: The Bleachers

  How often do you hear, “Oh this is the best seat in the house?” Usually, it’s a luxurious seat right behind home plate, a luxury box, or right behind the dugout. Anywhere in the stadium is a great place to watch the game, because you are live in person watching the game, but you […]

Uncategorized 3 years ago

Angels in the Outfield: The GOAT


Today, July 22nd, is the great Danny Glover’s 68th birthday. Why is he great, you ask? Not because of Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3, or 4. Not even because of The Color Purple. Danny Glover is great because of a certain 1994 remake that captured the hearts of ballplayers and fans, both young and old. […]

Uncategorized 3 years ago

Baseball’s Infamous ‘Unwritten Rules’ **Updated**


**After the Pirates Diamondbacks debacle we felt like we needed to updated these rules, so here you go.** Baseball is a game for traditionalists. The sport responds to change…let’s say…slowly. But there’s a modern type of ballplayer. One that brings a new swagger to the yard. Chalk it up to “playing the game like a […]

Baseball 3 years ago

Joey Gallo versus the 2014 MLB Home Run Derby


In case you missed it, Evo General Joey Gallo crushed a massive home run in the 2014 MLB Futures Game.       The man has surreal power from the left side of the plate. And in batting practice before the Futures game, he was putting on a show. Here’s what Gallo told Jim Callis of […]