EvoShield Fits Eight College Baseball Programs in Omaha

Learn how EvoShield outfitted all 8 programs at the college baseball national championship in Omaha.


Each of the eight programs to qualify for the 2021 college baseball national championship in Omaha received a unique gift courtesy of EvoShield: custom molded Pro-SRZ batter’s protective guards made specifically for Omaha.

Starting the days before games began, EvoShield visited each team to outfit the players with new Pro-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guards and Pro-SRZ Batter’s Leg Guards. Programs got new guard colors, and each team received white guard straps with “Omaha ’21” printed on the outside. During the first days in Omaha, Texas baseball showed off their new drip.



Texas was not the lone program to highlight their new gear on the field. All eight college baseball teams – Arizona, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas, Vanderbilt and Virginia – could all wear their new Pro-SRZ gear at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha.

To fit the players, EvoShield met with each program and pulled brand new Pro-SRZ guards from the packaging. After removing the guards, the Gel-to-Shell Technology began transforming from a flexible material to a lightweight and ultra-hard shield.

To properly fit the guards, EvoShield formed the guards to player elbows and legs. They then wrapped the guards in gauze to ensure a snug and secure fit. After allowing the Gel-to-Shell material to sit for 30 minutes, the guards molded to perfectly fit the player.

Keep an eye out as players from every team rock EvoShield on the field in Omaha. Want to personalize your own guard straps to show off your name or commemorate a special occasion? Visit the Omaha Experience store before the final out and get a personalized strap on site. Can’t make it to Omaha? Create the perfect design for your Pro-SRZ guard strap at evoshield.com.

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