Fitting & Assembling Leg Guards: A Guide to Catcher's Gear

Learn how to custom fit your EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ Catcher’s Leg Guard System.



The EvoShield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Leg Guards introduced innovative Gel-to-Shell™ Technology to catcher’s gear. The system, composed of EvoShield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Upper Leg Guards and Pro-SRZ Gel-to-Shell® Lower Leg Guards, allows for a perfectly custom fit so your gear can stick with you behind the plate.

It is critical to properly fit your catcher's gear. Ill-fitting gear can result in discomfort and lead to potential injury if a pitch or foul ball hits a part of your body that is exposed. EvoShield Pro-SRZ baseball catcher's gear is available in two sizes - Intermediate and Adult - and a third distinct set is available for fastpitch athletes.


Catcher's Gear Size Chart

When fitting the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Leg Guard System, account for all system parts – two upper leg guards, two Gel-to-Shell lower leg guards, two guard straps and your gauze rolls. Schedule at least 30 minutes to complete the fitting process, and do not open the foil pack for your Gel-to-Shell lower leg guards until you are ready to mold your guards. Make sure to wear your game pants and cleats/turf shoes when molding. When ready to fit the lower leg guards of your EvoShield catcher’s gear, follow the following steps.


Fitting Catcher's Leg Guards

     1. Rip it. Open the foil pack and check the inside label of the guard. Pair the EvoShield lower leg guard marked “L” with your left leg and the lower leg guard marked “R” with your right leg.

     2. Smooth the guard over your leg. Move the guard back and forth over your leg to remove any wrinkles and start creating a slight curve in the Gel-to-Shell material.

     3. Attach one strap to the guard.

     4. Fit the guard to your shin and calf muscle. For best results, wear your game baseball pants or softball pants – the same pants you would wear with your uniform.

     5. Align the guard with the top of the foot. Ensure the ankle flaps cover both ankles

     6. Secure the guard with the attached strap. Smooth out any creases or folds from the inside.

     7. Mold the guard around the front of your shin and your calf muscle.

     8. Wrap the gauze around the guard from the top down. Ensure the wrap is tight enough so the guard takes the shape of your leg. Wrap around the ankle flaps to prevent flaring.

     9.  Repeat all steps on your opposite leg.

    10. Wear both guards with gauze for at least 30 minutes. Remain seated until the Gel-to-Shell molding process is complete. This time ensures the guards will keep their custom shape.

     11. Unwrap the gauze. Once the 30 minutes has passed, the Gel-to-Shell lower leg guards will harden into a lightweight shield.

     12. Remove the lower leg guards and allow them to sit overnight before using in practices or games. This time allows the Gel-to-Shell material to cure.


Assembling Your Leg Guards

After fitting your EvoShield lower leg guards, complete the following steps to assemble your full leg guards.

     1. Attach the toe guard to the inside of the molded lower leg guard.

     2. Secure the lower leg guards in place with the guard strap.

     3. Repeat steps one and two on the opposite leg.

     4. Take the upper leg guards and align the center of the knee pad with your knee cap.

     5. Hold the knee pad in place while securing the upper leg guard to the lower leg guard. Apply pressure to fasten the leg guard in place.

     6. Secure the upper leg guard straps, then tighten straps to create a snug fit.

     7. Repeat steps four, five and six on the opposite leg.

After fitting the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Leg Guard System, pair it with the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Chest Protector and Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Helmet or Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Facemask with the Pro-SRZ Skull Cap. Set up behind the dish with your full set of EvoShield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Gear so you can block every ball in the dirt and catch any base runner attempting to swipe a bag.

Want to create a different look behind the plate? Pick up Gel-to-Shell lower leg guards in a new color – Scarlet, Royal, Orange, Navy and more – to pair with your upper leg guards and make sure everyone sees your drip on the field.