Fitting Chest Protectors: A Guide to Catcher's Gear

Learn how to custom fit your EvoShield Pro-SRZ Catcher's Chest Protector


The EvoShield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Chest Protector, a key piece to the official catcher’s gear of Major League Baseball, altered the catcher’s gear landscape with its easily adjustable magnetic Fidlock buckle system and moldable abdominal wire, features that allow for a custom fit behind home plate. The Pro-SRZ Baseball Catcher’s Chest Protector is available in intermediate and adult sizes, ensuring there is a perfect match for every body type. The Pro-SRZ Fastpitch Catcher’s Chest Protector – also available in intermediate and adult sizes – is designed and cut specifically for the female athlete.

Catcher's Chest Protector Size Chart

When fitting the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Chest protector, ensure you have all parts – the Pro-SRZ Chest Protector, the NOCSAE® Protective Chest Guard and the pocket for the protective chest guard. To adhere with NOCSAE standards and regulations, the Pro-SRZ Chest Protector must be worn with the NOCSAE Chest Guard.

Fitting Your Catcher's Chest Protector

When ready to fit the EvoShield Catcher’s Chest Protector, follow these steps.

  1. Attach the chest guard pocket to the inside of the chest protector. To do so, feed the loop straps through the hook and attach them to the chest guard pocket.
  2. Align the NOCSAE Chest Guard with the guard pocket.

  1. Insert the NOCSAE Chest Guard into the attached guard pocket.
  2. Put the chest protector on over your head.
  3. Secure the chest protector with the Fidlock Magnetic Buckle.
  4. Adjust the chest protector to cover your desired area.

  1. Adjust the four straps on the back of the chest protector to fit your body. Use these straps to set the perfect, custom fit so your gear stays with you behind the plate.
  2. Smooth and press the moldable abdominal wire to form around your body. This wire, built into the chest protector, can be remolded to your preferred fit at any time.

After fitting the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Chest Protector pair it with the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Leg Guard System and Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Helmet or Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Facemask with the Pro-SRZ Skull Cap. Take your spot behind the plate with the full collection of EvoShield Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Gear so you can set up the perfect target for your pitcher.

Want to match your teammates while behind the dish? Pick up your Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Chest Protector in Scarlet, Royal, Navy, Charcoal or Black to complement your team colors on the field. Want to learn more about the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Gear? See what USA Softball star Aubree Munro and Cincinnati Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson have to say about their favorite catcher’s gear.