How to Choose Your EvoShield Guard

 Learn about the technology behind the full lineup of EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ elbow and leg guards.


When hitters step up to the plate in critical moments, they need all the confidence they can get to help them drive in the game-winning run. With EvoShield, batters can choose the game’s only custom-molding batter’s protective elbow and leg guards, equipment built to maximize protection in the batter’s box. But batters may wonder, “Which EvoShield guard is right for me?”

Our answer? The one that makes you feel most confident in the box. 

EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ elbow and leg guards feature innovative Gel-to-Shell® Technology, a material that starts soft and flexible inside the packaging and transforms into a hard, lightweight shield in minutes. Gel-to-Shell® Technology allows EvoShield Pro-SRZ™ guards to offer a customized fit, and the ergonomic design ensures that your gear is an asset rather than a hassle.

EvoShield elbow guards come in a variety of options and sizes so ball players can get the look they want and the coverage they need. The Pro-SRZ™ Elbow Guard is designed for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility, and it includes one strap to stay locked in place. The Pro-SRZ™ Double Strap Elbow Guard offers extra coverage up the triceps and features two straps for a secure fit.

Players looking for protection on the forearm can turn to the Pro-SRZ™ Extended Double Strap Elbow Guard, which pairs a standard Double Strap Elbow Guard with a forearm extension. To see the Pro-SRZ™ Extended Double Strap Elbow Guard in action, tune into an Atlanta Braves game and keep your eye on EvoGeneral Ronald Acuña Jr. at the plate.  

EvoShield leg guard options ensure every batter can stay protected against pitches and foul balls. The Pro-SRZ™ Leg Guard is 12” with a sleek profile for protection where you need it, and the Pro-SRZ™ Extended Leg Guard is 14” for extra coverage up the shin.

Some hitters are looking for protection on both sides of the lead leg. The Pro-SRZ™ Double Ankle Leg Guard covers both sides of the ankle, protecting against any and all foul balls. For a versatile guard that can be worn on either leg, turn to the Pro-SRZ™ No Ankle Leg Guard. We see you, switch hitters.

No matter your swing or approach at the plate, EvoShield has a guard to match your game. Shop the full lineup of EvoShield Pro-SRZ batter’s protective equipment for custom-fitting protection and maximum confidence at the plate. Want a guard that’s built for your game? Visit the EvoShield custom builder to choose your colors and personalize your straps with your preferred text, symbol, country flag or MLB logo.

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