How to Personalize an EvoShield Guard Strap in Omaha

Learn how EvoShield personalizes Pro-SRZ guard straps at the Omaha Experience 


Players and fans in Omaha for the 2021 college baseball national championship can stop by the Omaha Experience to add a personal twist to their favorite EvoShield batter’s protective gear. The EvoShield team at the Omaha Experience offers personalized EvoShield guard straps, so players can add personalized text and icons to their new batter’s protective gear. EvoShield’s gear experts print the personalized designs and press them on new straps, giving players another way to make a statement in the batter’s box.

To create unique guard straps, EvoShield works with players to craft the perfectly personalized design.

  1. Select a new EvoShield strap in your preferred colorway. Straps are available in black white, scarlet, royal blue and more color options.
  2. Choose the personalized text for the center of the EvoShield guard strap, then plug the text into the computer mockup. Players often personalize straps with their last name, nickname or team name here.

  1. Add personalized numbers or icons to the end of the EvoShield guard strap. Options here include uniform numbers or symbols like a goat, clover, skull, fire, heart or other icons.

  1. EvoShield prints out the personalized text and icons on a vinyl sheet. Cut the printed material to fit the size of the guard, then peel the back from the material to reveal the personalization.

  1. Center the personalized vinyl on the new EvoShield guard strap, then place the strap on the base of the 295°F heat press.

  1. Lower the heat press on the guard for 10 seconds. EvoShield will lift the heat press after about 10 seconds to ensure the guard strap does not get damaged.

  1. Remove the finished product from the heat press, then strap up and get ready for game action.

Build your own personalized EvoShield Pro-SRZ Guard Strap on the ground in Omaha at the Omaha Experience, or build the perfect design on a custom Pro-SRZ guard at


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