Dominate the Basepaths with the EvoShield Sliding Mitt

 Learn about the benefits of the EvoShield Sliding Mitt.


Since its initial launch in March of 2019, the EvoShield Sliding Mitt has changed the game for baserunners. The fastest and most aggressive runners in baseball and fastpitch softball need to swipe a bag at any moment without fear or hesitation. With an EvoShield Sliding Mitt strapped to the lead hand, runners can dominate the basepaths without worrying about injuries like sprains, jammed wrists or stepped-on hands.

EvoShield first protected runners with the Sliding Wrist Guard, a piece of equipment designed to prevent jams and hyperextensions on risky slides. While working to innovate protective gear for baserunners, EvoShield heard from players who wanted more protection across their entire hand, fingers included. The result? EvoShield’s Sliding Mitt, which features protective plates on the top and bottom of the hand to limit potential injury.

In 2017, while playing in the minor leagues, Cincinnati Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson slid head-first into a base, catching his thumb against the bag as his momentum carried him forward. Now playing in Major League Baseball with the Reds, Stephenson can often be seen on the bases with his EvoShield Sliding Mitt.

“I thought I tore a ligament,” Stephenson said of his 2017 slide. “I ended up not tearing it, but it’s just kind of a safety thing now.”

In addition to Stephenson, #EvoGenerals like Miami Marlins outfielder Monte Harrison and San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. regularly wear the EvoShield Sliding Mitt.

The sliding mitt protects with its upper and lower shields. While the upper shield protects against getting stepped on or catching fingers on the bases, the lower shield offers wrist protection when sliding head-first.

Players love the EvoShield sliding mitt because it allows them to be aggressive on the basepaths. One college baseball player from an EvoShield contracted program said the mitt lets him and his teammates focus on what matters – swiping extra bags and putting pressure on the defense.

“With the speed and demand of the game, you can’t afford to lose a player to a simple thing such as sliding,” the player said. “With the EvoShield sliding mitt, it allows us to get the most out of our players without having to second guess for possible injuries.”

In addition to its protective qualities, the EvoShield Sliding Mitt is a sign of status on the basepaths that forces fielders to pay attention. When a baserunner puts on the EvoShield Sliding Mitt, defenses know that player is a threat to run on any pitch.

For baseball or softball players looking to stand out, the EvoShield sliding mitt is the ultimate drip on the field. Keep it tucked away in your back pocket at the plate. Then reach base, rock the EvoShield Sliding Mitt and put the defense on notice.

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