Introducing the EvoShield Pro-SRZ Two-Piece Elbow Guard

Learn more about the design process and extra coverage of the Two-Piece Elbow Guard.


As pitch velocities continue to increase, several baseball and fastpitch players at every level of the game are in search of additional protection and comfort at the dish. To meet the needs of players, EvoShield introduced the Pro-SRZ Two-Piece Elbow Guard, the batter’s protective gear designed to offer lightweight protection from the triceps to the forearm. The Pro-SRZ Two-Piece Elbow Guard features the same Gel-to-Shell Technology found in the full Pro-SRZ batter’s protective lineup, meaning hitters will have extra ultralight protection in a custom-molded fit. 

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jesse Winker adopted the Pro-SRZ Two-Piece Elbow Guard early in 2020, and the #EvoGeneral described the guard as EvoShield’s best yet.

“The two-piece elbow guard is my favorite elbow guard to be made,” Winker said. “Not only do I feel extremely protected, but the range of motion with this guard is the best yet. And, on top of that, I think it looks the coolest.”

EvoShield Industrial Designer Drew Tryner said the inspiration for the new two-piece elbow guard stemmed from Major League Baseball players seeking slightly more coverage at the plate. Star hitters like Ronald Acuña Jr. sought out extended protection along the forearm, which led to his Extended Double Strap Elbow Guard. The Two-Piece Elbow Guard expands on that design.

“We decided it was best to make a more baked-in solution for guys that was intentionally designed to offer that additional coverage without impeding their range of motion,” Tryner said. 

EvoShield Principal Designer Matt Dierkes said Acuña Jr.’s guard was a key baseline when designing the new Two-Piece Elbow Guard. Acuña Jr.’s guard, the Pro-SRZ Batter’s Extended Double Strap Elbow Guard, uses velcro to connect the double strap triceps shield with the additional forearm shield. The new Two-Piece Elbow Guard has two Gel-to-Shell shields – one on the triceps and another on the forearm – in a single unit for maximum protection. Dierkes said EvoShield wanted the two-piece guard to feature a more streamlined construction.

“This was designed from the ground up with the intention of having elbow and forearm protection in one,” Dierkes said. “It is not an add-on to a current guard.”

The upper Gel-to-Shell shield on the triceps is one inch longer than the standard Pro-SRZ Elbow Guard, and the shield on the forearm checks in at 5 ½”. The two pieces are held together with a permanent elastic strap, allowing for more complete coverage. With customizable Gel-to-Shell protection up and down the lead arm, batters can step up to the plate in confidence.