Meet the EvoShield Pro-SRZ Gel-to-Shell Hand Guard

Learn about the new EvoShield Gel-to-Shell Hand Guard, a full redesign of batter’s hand protection.


The last thing any player wants is to take a fastball off the hand, forcing you to trade in your season for some time on the shelf. For every player who has ever been pitched inside, the EvoShield Batter's Hand Guard with Gel-to-Shell Technology is designed to help boost confidence at the plate and keep hitters on the field. To offer complete protection and flexibility, the updated EvoShield Hand Guard boasts two lightweight Gel-to-Shell shields in one custom-molded guard.

As players at every level continue to add strength, hitters are seeing faster pitch velocities at the dish. The EvoShield design team decided to revamp its hand guard offering, creating a new Gel-to-Shell hand guard to maximize batter’s wrist and hand protection without hindering mobility. EvoShield Industrial Designer Drew Tryner said the hand and wrist are some of the most vulnerable areas for hitters.

“We wanted to make sure that we protected those areas in as seamless a product as possible,” Tryner said. “It couldn’t impede a player’s swing or wrist manipulation, but it had to keep them from getting their wrists and hands blown up on an inside cutter.”

The result? An innovative hand guard constructed with our patented Gel-to-Shell Technology, a material that arrives flexible out of the package and custom-molds to fit the shape and needs of the hitter. This new hand guard, an upgrade on EvoShield’s previous hand guard offering, features two shields to deliver superior protection on the back of the hand, outside wrist and knuckles, and it is easier to take on and off before and after plate appearances.

One Gel-to-Shell shield molds across the back of the hand, and the other molds across the wrist for a perfectly custom fit. With two separate moldable shields, the updated EvoShield Hand Guard maximizes protection without limiting range of motion through the swing.

Several professional baseball players, including Washington Nationals utility player Josh Harrison and San Francisco Giants shortstop prospect Marco Luciano, have already adopted the latest EvoShield hand guard. Since the guard offers extra Gel-to-Shell coverage across the wrist, Evo Generals were quick to embrace the new gear.

“We wanted to create a hand guard that also had wrist protection for the bottom hand,” said EvoShield Player Insights Specialist Corey Williams. “A lot of players and trainers said that they have tried to protect that part of the wrist, but nothing has worked due to mobility issues. We solved for that issue with this hand guard.”

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