Ali Aguilar is Stepping up to the Plate with EvoShield

Learn why USA Softball’s Ali Aguilar wears a custom elbow guard and two wrist guards at the plate.


Ali Aguilar often rocks EvoShield from head to toe when she steps up to the plate.

The USA Softball infielder has a custom Red, White and Navy Blue Pro-SRZ Batter’s Elbow Guard with her name printed on a personalized strap. Every time she steps into the batter’s box, Aguilar wears her custom-molded EvoShield elbow guard.

“Lately, I’ve mostly been using the elbow guard, and then, if a girl throws a lot of drop balls, I’ll put my leg guard on,” Aguilar said. “So, I kind of have a routine with what I choose, but always the elbow guard.”

The California native began wearing EvoShield batter’s protective gear in college. She first began wearing the elbow guard after seeing a teammate get hit by a pitch, then picked up other pieces of batter’s protective gear throughout her career.

In addition to her elbow and leg guard, Aguilar wears a pair of EvoShield protective wrist guards. Aguilar said she wears one on each wrist, a habit she picked up during college after getting hit by pitches on her front wrist and her back wrist.

“People think it’s for fashion or trying to look cool, but I actually got hit in the left wrist, and then a couple years later… I got hit in the right wrist,” Aguilar said. “So I was like, ‘Alright, I’m just going to wear two.’”

Keep up with Aguilar this summer as she chases a world championship with USA Softball. Follow the American infielder on Instagram @ali_aguilar1.

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