Q&A with USA Softball’s Ali Aguilar

 Get to know USA Softball infielder Ali Aguilar in an exclusive interview.


USA Softball infielder Ali Aguilar grew up watching her country’s national team compete on the game’s biggest stage every four years. Now she has the chance to play on that stage for her country and step up to the plate with her custom EvoShield Pro-SRZ Elbow Guard in the summer of 2021. Go one-on-one with Ali to learn more about the the infielder and her softball career.

Q: How would you describe the USA Softball team?

A: I just think our team’s very fun and relaxed - --we are still super competitive but we don't make the moments too high or too low, you know? We are just ourselves.

Q: When did you know you wanted to go all the way with softball? 

A: I think when I was watching the Olympics  in '04 and '08. I never really had a specific player or anything, but I remember standing in front of my TV  pretending to be them and looking up to them. I think that's where the dream started ---being able to even have those players to look up to. Females in  sports don't always have someone to look up to. But I think that moment was inspiring for me.  Like, "OK. I can maybe go to the Olympics." And obviously for a while [softball] was out of the Olympics, but to be able to be in this era where it's back? It's cool.

Q: What's your go-to walk-up song?

A: In college I had "Live with Abandon." It's a Christian song. 

Q: How has your game changed over the years?

A: As my hitting game’s evolved, I went from being someone that was just fast and tried to get on base, to someone that can make the game change with one swing.

Q: Advice from coach/for players? 

A: If you strike out or if something doesn't go your way, you just treat it as a fluke. Be super confident and don’t take your failures so heavily. Because for me, I analyze things a lot. And in hitting, a lot of people overthink things

Whenever something would go wrong [my coach would] be like "It's a fluke. Don't worry about it. Go out there and play defense.”

Challenge yourself to get better. I think people get challenged and then they retreat but take the challenges. They're an opportunity to learn and grow. And just work hard, do everything you can. Don't retreat just because it doesn't work out always. Continue to find a way to make it work

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