USA Softball’s Amanda Chidester Talks EvoShield Catcher’s Gear

See what the USA Softball standout has to say about the most innovative catcher’s gear in fastpitch.


USA Softball catcher and infielder Amanda Chidester trusts EvoShield catcher’s gear when she’s working behind the plate.

“This gear has been my all-time favorite catcher's gear,” Chidester said. “I love everything about it. Being able to mold my shins in there and get it to the length that I need, the tightness I need, all that.”

Catcher’s Gear Designed Specifically for Fastpitch

Chidester, a Michigan native and former Wolverine Softball standout, rocks a full set of custom EvoShield Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Gear in games. The collection, crafted specifically for fastpitch athletes, includes the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Chest Protector, Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Upper Leg Guards, Pro-SRZ Gel-to-Shell Catcher’s Lower Leg Guards and the Pro-SRZ Catcher’s Helmet.

Chidester, who has played with USA Softball since 2012, said the Pro-SRZ Lower Leg Guards with Gel-to-Shell Technology mold perfectly to her shins, allowing her to move and easily position herself behind the plate. Crafted with the same Gel-to-Shell Technology found in Pro-SRZ batter’s protective gear, the Lower Leg Guards ensure a secure fit unique to each catcher.

“I can move in my shin guards,” Chidester said. “As a catcher, there's nothing I can't stand more than tripping over my gear because it's too big, it's too floppy down at the bottom. This fits like a glove and I love it.”

Fully Adjustable, Customized Fit

The independent Upper Leg Guards pair with Lower Leg Guards to form the complete EvoShield softball leg guard system. Since the components are separate, Chidester can adjust the length of her leg guards up to 2 inches. This innovative EvoShield softball leg guard system ensures a custom fit and provides catchers with the protection they need behind the plate. 


Chidester said the EvoShield Softball Chest Protectors form a perfect fit that remains secure to her body in game action. The moldable abdominal wire helps the chest protector keep its shape, and the guard does not require regular adjustments.

“This stuff actually sticks. You mold it into a spot and it stays,” Chidester said. “Then the whole easy clip-on magnetic (buckle) that's on the chest protector is brilliant.”

The Fidlock Magnetic Buckle system on the EvoShield Catcher’s Chest Protector makes it easy to get your gear on and off between innings. The ultra-strong magnets secure the softball chest protector in place, even when catchers are on the move.

“It's just magnets,” Chidester said. “I can be running out there and just flip it over and it clicks on like that, which is pretty awesome.”

Built for Female Athletes

Chidester has three different sets of EvoShield catcher’s gear — one in charcoal, one in white and one in blue — and she will receive another set in a new colorway for international competition. Chidester said she loves that the EvoShield softball catcher’s gear is designed specifically for fastpitch athletes.

“I definitely think the catcher's gear could be pushed more too for the girls,” Chidester said. “I think this is awesome for females, for women, for girls. The gear definitely fits how it should fit.”


Want to wear the same EvoShield gear that Chidester trusts behind the plate? Get yours on, then follow our fitting videos to get your Catcher’s Leg Guard and Chest Protector System ready for action. To keep up with Chidester all year, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @chiddy3.


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