Our EvoGenerals are the athletes who have made it to the top. They poured their blood, sweat and tears into their craft for years – and it all led to this moment. They’re the leaders on and off the field. EvoGenerals wear their stars with pride because they know what it took to earn them. They’re made for this.



Baseball Colleges

University of Arizona Creighton University University of Florida Florida State University Georgia University of Illinois University of Louisville Michigan University of North Carolina North Carolina State University of Oklahoma Oklahoma State Oregon State University Pittsburgh Stanford University Texas Christian University Tennessee Vanderbilt

Fastpitch Colleges

Arizona State University Baylor University University of California - Berkley Duke University of Florida Florida State University Fresno State Georgia Tech Hofstra University University of Illinois University of Kansas University of Kentucky Long Beach State University University of Louisiana - Lafayette University of Louisville Louisiana State University Minnesota University of Missouri - Kansas City Stanford University Texas Tech Tulsa UCF University of North Carolina Washington University of Wisconsin