Since the beginning, EvoShield has been about one thing: giving baseball players and softball players industry-leading protective gear without sacrificing comfort. Our Pro-SRZ™ elbow and leg guards feature innovative Gel-to-Shell® Technology, which allows each guard to offer a custom-molded fit. Starting soft and flexible inside the packaging, the material transforms into a hard, lightweight shield in minutes. The ergonomic design allows for coverage where you need it most and ensures that your guard doesn’t impede any movement during the swing.

Elbow Guards

We’re about keeping you on the field – from the first game through the postseason. We know the gut-wrenching feeling that comes from watching from the bench rather than competing with your teammates.

Types of Elbow Guards

Choose the guard that best fits your style of play. With multiple Pro-SRZ™ Elbow Guards to choose from, there’s a guard for every baseball or softball player.

Pro-SRZ™ Elbow Guard 5.5 - 6.5
Pro-SRZ™ Elbow Guard

Designed for maximum elbow protection without sacrificing mobility. The original elbow guard that EvoShield is known for, this guard is great for all baseball or softball players and is available in small and large sizes.

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Pro-SRZ™ Double Strap 7-9
Pro-SRZ™ Double Strap Elbow Guard

The double strap elbow guard is an extended elbow guard, ideal for players who want additional coverage on their triceps. This elbow guard comes in a small and large sizes. 

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Pro-SRZ™ Two-Piece Elbow Guard

Provides unparalleled coverage with two shields linked together in one custom-fitting unit. With the two-piece construction, you will get extra protection up the triceps and below the elbow. 

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Pro-SRZ™ Extended Double Strap
Pro-SRZ™ Extended Double Strap Elbow Guard

This guard features the standard double strap elbow guard above the elbow, as well as a forearm extension below the elbow for maximum coverage that is detachable.

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SRZ-1 Youth Elbow Guard 5
SRZ-1 Youth Elbow Guard

Designed for the smaller player, this guard is recommended for players under age 12.

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Leg Guards

EvoShield leg guards are a staple to our collection of batter's protective gear. The Pro-SRZ™ lineup of leg guards contours to the leg and provides extra protection along the inner calf.


Choose a leg guard that best fits your size and style of play.

Pro-SRZ™ Double Ankle 12
Pro-SRZ™ Leg Guard

Designed with a sleek profile and maximum protection where you need it., this leg guard is 12” in height. 

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Pro-SRZ™ Extended Leg Guard 14
Pro-SRZ™ Extended Leg Guard

Designed with 2” more length than the standard leg guard, we made this for bigger players who want more protection up the shin.

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Pro-SRZ™ Leg Guard 12
Pro-SRZ™ Double Ankle Leg Guard

With ankle coverage on both sides, this guard is made for players who want protection on both sides of the leg.

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Pro-SRZ™ No Ankle 10.5
Pro-SRZ™ No Ankle Leg Guard

Designed for maximum versatility, this guard can be worn on either leg, anywhere you need protection.

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Pro-SRZ™ Youth Leg Guard 9.5
Pro-SRZ™ Youth Leg Guard

Designed with coverage on both ankles, this guard is for the smaller player.

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