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Baseball player with bat over shoulder wearing Pro-SRZ guard on elbow


Since the beginning, EvoShield has been about one thing: giving athletes industry-leading protective gear that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for protection. Instead of outfitting players with gear that simply absorbed impact, we created our innovative Gel-to-Shell™ technology that disperses that energy across the surface, minimizing felt impact. We believe that no athlete should have to choose between protection and performance.

Thinner. Lighter. Stronger.

We’re about keeping you on the field – from the first game of the season through the postseason. We know that gut-wrenching feeling that comes from having to watch from the bench rather than competing with your teammates. That’s what drove us in creating our latest Pro-SRZ™ guards – our most unrivaled protective gear ever.

It's all led to this.

Since we released our first Gel-to-Shell™ guards back in 2005, player demands have driven our design process. Aside from the industry-leading protection they’ve come to love, athletes wanted new and exciting looks from EvoShield.
The original all-black guards transitioned to solid color guards in 2013 before we unveiled DigiCamo patterns and sublimated designs two years later. Those guards gave way to SpeedStripe™ and EvoCharge™ in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But at its core, the guard itself was unchanged over that decade-plus. But in 2018, thanks to enhanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities, we were able to take a giant leap forward in the protective game with Pro-SRZ™.

Setting the Bar for Protective Guards.

These additional tools at our disposal, we went back to the drawing board, completely reimagining what EvoShield protective gear could be. We based every aspect of this new gear on the most critical component in the entire process: the human body.

The new Pro-SRZ ™ design took the ‘human factor’ into account more than ever before, considering the impact muscle contour, body shape and size would have. In the end, these considerations led to the expanded coverage area you see in critical areas – especially the side of the arm and leg of players standing in at the dish against the fastest pitches the game has ever seen.

Over the last 15 years, pitch speeds in Major League Baseball have spiked – with the average fastball velocity climbing from just over 88 mph in 2002 to nearly 92 mph in 2018. The game’s hardest throwers regularly blow past that mark with heaters that have clocked as high as 105 mph. Organizations are more willing than ever before to sacrifice control for this added velocity – evidenced by the record 1,922 hit-by-pitches in Major League Baseball in 2018. In short, it’s never been more dangerous to step into the batter’s box.

The game’s best players know this – but they also can’t allow this to dictate how they play the game. Other protective gear is often bulky and cumbersome, leading to a trade-off in terms of protection and production. But the innovative Pro-SRZ™ guards give players the best of both worlds - unrivaled protection that's lighter than the competition

Guard weight by Brand

Thanks to the ergonomic contouring offered by Pro-SRZ™, we were able to drastically reduce the weight of the guards, giving players protection that’s unlike anything else on the market today.

We paired our innovative Gel-to-Shell™ technology with new touch-point material that’s designed to help aid in the molding process. Synthetic leather is strategically placed where your hands go in the fitting process and foam backing previously reserved for elbow guards now provide added comfort on all Pro-SRZ™ protective. The result is a more refined, high-end look on the field that’s so light and comfortable, players forget they’re even wearing it.

Baseball player wearing Pro-SRZ Elbow Guard



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Explore the full range of industry leading PRO-SRZ Guards

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