Adult HybridPro Rib Shirt


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  • The next level of protection and performance technologies are represented in the EvoShield HybridPro Football Rib Shirt because on the field, you've got to be fast, strong, light, and confident. EvoShield has you covered with GEL-TO-SHELL™ and NANOCELL™ all in one rib protection shirt. Signature GEL-TO-SHELL™ rib Shields custom mold to your body and protect you from high impact collisions while allowing comfortable breathing and no decrease in acceleration, speed, agility, and dexterity. NANOCELL™ technology in the spine and AC protect your joints below the shoulders and your spine from low impact hits. The combination of high and low impact defense is crucial to keeping you on the field performing at the highest of levels. Be the playmaker, trust yourself. We Are Athletes.
    • GEL-TO-SHELL™ TECHNOLOGY: begins soft and flexible, transforms to hard and protective in minutes
    • IMPACT IS DISPERSED: not absorbed
    • CUSTOM-MOLDING SHIELD: molds to user's body shape, ensuring a perfect fit, custom molds to protect left and right ribs
    • NANOCELL™ AC and spine pads 
    • Sweat-wicking performance shirt, machine washable
    • FABRIC: 82% polyester / 18% spandex
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