Rib Shirts

Padded Compression Shirts

When it comes to padded compression shirts, EvoShield stands out from the pack. EvoShield’s line of football protective gear includes padded compression shirts, thumb guards, thigh guards and toe guards all designed to keep you on the field while boosting your confidence.

EvoShield’s most popular product is football rib protection. The staple of our football product line, EvoShield’s football rib shirts are designed to custom fit every player, keeping all skill players from quarterbacks to wide receivers to tight ends to running backs on the field all season long. Our padded compression shirts are made with exclusive Gel-To-Shell™ technology, rib shields that slide directly into the compression shirt and custom mold to your unique frame, giving you the ultimate rib protection. These shields go from soft gel to hard protective shield in minutes, allowing you to simply slide them into the shirt and let them form to your body. They protect much better than the foam and plastic gear used in typical football rib protection as they use dispersion technology to disperse force across the surface, minimizing impact.

On top of all the protection benefits, EvoShield’s football rib shirts are comfortable and lightweight. Unlike other bulky rib protection options, our patented 1/4 inch thin lightweight composite material shapes to your body and leaves your movements unencumbered on the field. EvoShield’s padded compression shirts are utilized at every level of the game, from youth to pro and are worn by some of the best professional players in the world.

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